Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Conference was a success !! Pat, Bonnie, TDIL, Nes Amim, and 120 people- Trauma Mindfulness Body Attachment

Wow ! The workshop was so successful that we didn't get to write about it yet  :-) And as a teaser, yes, we did receive a nice donation towards the GHS project :-) Galilee Healing Sisterhood.

We're still excited from the amount of people that came to learn from Pat and Bonnie. The crowd was made of 120 people that filled the room, amazing professionals, all curious to hear one of the pioneers of body-oriented psychotherapy, fascinated and smiling like during a good meal. I'm so very thankful for this. And moreover, for the possibility to create these kind of workshops in the north of Israel too!

Dr Pat Ogden, at her 70's, looking cool in her pointy boots and 20 years younger, knows how to impact this kind of intelligent crowd easily. She skillfully combined theory, videos from counseling hours she has given, explanations about the steps she has taken, and reading of the client's body language along with the audience. But most of all, Pat brings a deep and broad understanding of attachment theories, knowledge of brain research (about attachment and trauma) and of the latest researchers that work in the field, many years of experience along with an authentic physical intelligence of a dancer, and as a student/partner/close friend of Dr Ron Kurtz.  

Out of these materials Pat weaved a clear and amazingly interesting common ground, a road map, which for the practitioners, and especially for those who work with developmental traumas, was inspiring.  

We are so thankful to TDIL, who helped so much in the organization of the workshop, and took part in the preparations and production. It is so good to know, that even a well founded organization wants to go ahead and fresh up, and invests in opening new fields of knowledge to its members. The insertion of techniques from the world of body-oriented psychotherapy to the field of the trauma therapy and dissociation, appeared to be necessary and meaningful on the way to healing.  
The ToWo project won a nice donation!! Yes, after deduction of the expenses and the part of the teacher and the partners, a nice sum is left for the ToWo project and the up-coming course in the Galilee. Juditta (ToWo project founder and the conference CEO) donated all of her part of the income to the building of the project in the Galilee, and also Liora from TDIL and members of the committee donated 1/3 of their income to the project… Pat also donated part of her income… which gives us pains in the butt and lots of work to prepare the course still in this year.

So here’s another big thanks to all those who took part, to TDIL, Juditta and Pat :)   

And did we say mindfulness? Not yet? So indeed, all the work that Pat suggested is based in a process of mindfulness, which she defines as anchored related mindfulness. We liked it. Of course, because our tools are also mindfulness based J.  And there’s nothing like resonating with friends who share your language and path in life, investigating the field together, while being supported by a highly experienced woman. 

Just to remind you:
The ToWo project will train professional women from all cultures in the Galilee, with tools from the world of trauma therapy, mindfulness based tools MBSE, SE, EFA, and body oriented psychotherapy. This broad course of 32 weeks will include also NVC (non violent communication), deepening of treatment in a multi-cultural society, and… training in tools from the worlds of media and video, for documentation of life stories (more on this some other time… Let’s leave a little suspense). The course will be co-taught in Hebrew and Arabic.

We will be glad to answer questions on this issue; the interviews for the first group have already started. For more details and registration write to:

So, here’s a little taste of the workshop
for those who were there and those who weren’t.
A few pictures and a link for the transcription of the workshop,
that will surely give you a hint of the insights.

And hoping to see you
Juditta and the ToWo group

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The ToWo group and Pat Ogden PhD- Israel - January 2014

Pat Ogden PhD & Bonnie Goldstein PhD  דר' פאט אוגדן ודר' בוני גולדשטיין
of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute
will be joining ToWo group and TDIL in the Galilee

Beyond Words: Trauma-Attachment-Mindfulness-and the Body
טראומה- היקשרות- מיינדפולנס- והגוף
a two day workshop, for therapists, 2-3 January 2014
in Nes Amim

We would love to see you there.. translated in real time !
תרגום סימולטאני בזמן הסדנה

Income will be donated to the GHS project for the women of the Galilee :-)
הכנסות יתרמו לקורס הכשרה של נשות הגליל שיפתח באפריל 2014

more info and registration:
towogroup@gmail.com,  TDIL.issd@gmail.com   לפרטים והרשמה
A good and bigeer view of the Brochure:  http://tinyurl.com/pds4l2n  פלייר בגודל

Sensorimotor Psychotheraoy Institute: http://www.sensorimotorpsychotherapy.org/index.html

הערב החברתי -חמשת האלמנטים
--   באדיבות ״מאור ביטוח ופיננסים״ -

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The GHS project in the Galilee- Galilee Healing Sisterhood, oh yeah!

The ToWo group have been invited to develop a cross cultural training in the Galilee :-)

We are thrilled. Working in the field where we grew up ourselves is an honour and a challenge.
The baby is the GHS project, Galilee Healing Sisterhood, a 30 week training for women counselors, and mental/social health workers, across all faiths and cultures in the Galilee. That is Druze, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist and more. Dr. Noha Bader from Mghar college in the Eastern Galilee had the delightful idea of importing the Africa model (ToWo project in SA) to the Galilee and remodeling it in accordance with the specific needs of this population and region. Noha and Juditta Ben-David MA have developed the model, and Judy Ben-Et our coordinator has been a great support in moving it forward.

The GHS is a joint venture of the ToWo group, Duroob institute of Yarka, and docuVillage of Maalot-Tarshicha. A multifaith, cross cultural project that trains women in "how to" tools; Tools to shed and deal with trauma from the Somatic Experiencing school, in tandem with tools of creating short life story documentary videos. It is a professional level training !
The GHS promotes mutual understanding and tolerance through creative endeavors, working in small intimate teams, NVC (non violent communication), Mindfulness and Council work (listening circles), education and empowerment of the women participants. The work is practical on many levels, as it gives hands on experience, as well as theory and a wide perspective on the process. It weaves together the subcultures of the society through the sharing and shedding of past fear and trauma imprints, towards creative curiosity, women rights, and joint venturesThe meeting will be held in Arabic and Hebrew. Ms. Itaf Awad has joined the team as a facilitator, and she is a great addition, as a long time facilitator of Council work, NVC, and cross cultural groups. Ms. Vered Osman from docuVillage has joined as the Documentary professional and wow are we lucky. And, to top it all, the container and logistic support the Duroob institute is providing, empowering professionals to understand and respect cultural differences, within their own communities.

We are very excited .. I bet you can hear this..
The interviews for the very first training are beginning !!
So if you are a Mental health counselor, Social worker, Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Art therapist, Body oriented Psychotherapist etc. in the Galilee, Western or Eastern.
If you are curious about the training and think you could benefit from such a process,
Please write us:
towogroup@gmail.com  or leave a message at +972-77-6639903

The project could use help for this training ! mmm !
So if you have an inclination to donate money, connect us with funds, and/or help us with work
We would be Obliged :-) Truly Thankful <3 p="p">towogroup@gmail.com - write us for volunteer info,
or donate here ------> (on this page through PayPal)

We would like to be able to offer this training to as many communities as possible in this area, as we believe in its' present and future affects in the larger society.  Women are the weavers of society,  Women are the carriers of culture, and Women are the carriers of healing...
What a better way to facilitate change, understanding, cooperation and acceptance.
For that we need to be able to offer it at a basic flat rate that women can afford paying.

The interviews for the very first training are beginning !!
towogroup@gmail.com  or leave a message at +972-77-6639903
Juditta & Itaf - for interviews

Donations:  towogroup.resource@gmail.com - Judy Ben-Et
or here, through PayPal....... 

Thanks !

Sunday, March 18, 2012

ToWo in Turkey_Earthquake Relief

13 - 15 April 2012

Yeditepe University
Department of Psychology

The Yeditepe University of Istanbul invited us after the earthquake in Van to train mental health workers and the University rescue team.

The Natan Organization is joining the ToWo group to support the project financially and to share the joint experiences from the earthquake in Haiti and Trauma Therapy in Israel and Africa.

Mrs Juditta Ben David MA SEP (ToWo) will lead the course of "Emotional First Aid (EFA) and Somatic Experiencing (SE) for Relief Work", and
Dr. Eitan Shahar (Sapir College/Natan, Israel) will present the workshop "Assisting and Coping in Emergency and Disaster: Individual and Community".

The Workshop is addressed for professionals who were and are involved in the relief work of Van earthquake survivors.

To sign up for the workshop or to assist, contact: towogroup@gmail.com

Natan information
ToWo intro page

Yeditepe University

Monday, February 7, 2011

African Refugees in Israel

Some 35000 African refugees are living now in Israel. Sudanese, Aritherian, and more from the countries around the Strife and Violent conflict in Central Africa.
Their way across has not been an easy one, not only have they fled from violence anxiety and chaos, without much on them, they encounter much hassle and little welcome on their flight across neighbouring countries. Some have even been abducted beaten raped and used as pawns for blackmailing their families and friends left at home and abroad.
Israel is facing a grave and conflictual situation, in understanding how to treat these people upon their enter into Israels' territory. Most of them asking assylum.

Aside from the Goverments efforts and inner politics. Apart from the confusion and misunderstanding in how to deal with the huge sudden influx of foriegners, putting up boundaries yet remembering our heritage as the Jewish people. Wanting to help balanced with the need to keep stability and some means of safety in a tomultous political situation. When you move your attention just a bit from these traumatic vortexes... you might just find a few heartwarming groups and human beings that work with, embrace and support these refugees in Israel.
Hagar and Miriam is such a group, for African women that need help through pregnancy and birth. Assaf is another ngo, supporting the African refugee community in Tel Aviv, with legal aid, every day living beauracracy, providing support groups and short trainings for the people.
We've ToWo group been getting together with these to consult and brain storm a way to share and work in conjuction. Apparently our knowledge from SA and training design could be of out most importance to the work with the African refugees in Israel.

We would appreciate your donations, whether it be money, cameras, tripods, or even just raising awareness and sharing this info with others. These people need help.
The quicker we meet them and allow the traumatic body memories to thaw, the better will their progress will be, they will gather less retraumatic experiences, be able to make clear communicative and productive decisions, and find dignity and self esteem.

Thanks from the Heart

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Conference Presentations/ Ireland Israel

The ToWo project was presented in the ESTD conference in Belfast Ireland, April 2010. It was welcomed by some 30 international therapists that watched our video, listened and inquired into the cross cultural issues that have been raised through this trauma therapy project. The feedback was very supportive, some have been interested in learning more of the special design created by ToWo, SE combined with Video and narrative therapy/education. Others showed interest and joined a group studying the basics of SE technique for trauma therapy/emotional first aid, led by Juditta Ben-David.
We are happy to announce that the project will also be presented on a panel in the
Tel Chai college, Israel, 1st July 2010. A conference about Trauma stress and Disaster aid.
All invited :-)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Quotes to resonate with

I can indicate no royal road for bringing about a social revolution
except that we should represent it
in every detail of our lives
Mahatma Ghandi
"We need to learn to trust and act upon our own feelings and experiences,
if we are ever to be free "
feral fawn
"We the indigenous are not part of yesterday, we are part of Tommorrow"
subcommondante marcus/ starhawk
We also hereby want to acknowledge Miri Ben Baruch
for joining our small group with gusto and taking on herself the role of the fund raiser.